Get the Facts

  • Meet Mark

    Mark represents our 29th district as delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates, having been first elected in 2013. He is seeking re-election and is working to secure the Republican nomination in the June 9th primary. Learn more about Mark and where he stands on the issues .

  • 29th District

    The 29th district includes the city of Winchester, most of Frederick County, and a portion of Warren County. Find out if you live in the 29th district and where you can vote for Mark.

  • More Information

    Follow these links to read about the proper role of government, how Mark differs on the issues from his opponent, and for links to other documents, references and sources.

  • Get Involved

    Would you like to help send Mark back to Richmond as your representative in the House of Delegates? Find out more about opportunities to volunteer for his campaign.